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Starbox - PHP Javascript Five Star Rating ScriptA free starbox, five star rating widget based on PHP Javascript and MYSQL
Free 5 Five Star Rating Script System from GenerationUnion allows you easily to create all kinds of rating stars .. starbox-es
Rules of Use for Starbox - Star Rating ScriptRules of Use for this starbox or free 5 five star rating script
You can use this five star rating script for UP to 50 star rating starbox-es on one webpage .. Administration can suspend the work of this 5 Five star rating system, for updates or other situations that are not respecting public norms, or are some trouble with server
Five Star Rating Script Javascript Rating Stars Script Code
  • Using this free 5 star rating system you can easily build rating starbox-es.
  • Your site with this star rating system will be more attractive.
  • This star rating addon, this starbox has different sounds on click, rate or check.
  • StarBox-es online ... This Free Five Star rating System will give to your more visits, more feedback with users.
  • Try this star rating script, the best free StarBox Tool.
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    This free starbox is created by:

    Sergiu Gordienco Vasile

    from - Moldova Chisinau, Dobrogea
  • This starbox is free for non-comercial sites or other tools.
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  • If you have to say About this Starbox Addon - email: astraluxkl@gmail.com to author
  • If you want to tell something to starbox support please contact: astraluxkl2@gmail.com support team
  • If you want to see this starbox in other skin. Sent your image to us.. We will be glad to build a new starbox theme for you
  • Administration can suspend the work of this starbox widget, for updates or other situations that are not respecting public norms, or are some trouble with server
  • DEC

    First Page 4U

    These Applications are maded by Sergiu Gordienco Vasile

    Projects in progress

    • Ask & Answer APP - ( testing.. )
    • Social Project: - ( in construction )
      • CVs DataBase
      • Jobs Database
      • Messages, Agenda, Friends, Small SDK for Game building an Share
    • Online Drawing App - ( partial, on stage, browser compatibility updates for HTML5.. )
      • supports layers, masks, and layes grouping ( testing... )
      • drawing in Multiple formats ( base is Vector Type )
      • exporting in JPG, PNG, SVG, BMP, GIF.. etc ( done )
      • libraries for shema buildin.. ( updating content.. adding items.. )
    • Online Realtime strategy ( .. confidential.. )
      • updating image libraries... ( in progress )
      • updating translations...
      • updating notifiers
      • updating schemas
    • Auto configurable LAMP ( ready, private )
    • Server Stats based on Apache an System Logs ( ready, private )
    • DDOS protection module ( ready, private )

    For contribution contact me at astraluxkl@gmail.com

    The Code Of this site is Copyrighted © and Registered ®. The owner of code of this System is "Sergiu Gordienco Vasile", the rights are protected by Law. If you are interested by this, contact him on astraluxkl@gmail.com or send SMS on: (+373) 78310479
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